Guitar Tuners

Guitar Tuners

Below you will find a collection of guitar tuners to help you tune your guitar. A guitar tuner is a must have for any beginning guitar player and comes in handy even when you are no longer a beginner.

AP Tuner:

This is the best guitar tuner I have found online. It is a chromatic guitar tuner that automatically detects what note you are playing and let's you know how well tuned you are. This is a windows program that requires at least windows 98 to work. You will have to download the EXE file by clicking on the image or clicking here. I have scanned this program for viruses and have not found any. This is a shareware program from To use it just play your acoustic guitar into your microphone or plug your electric guitar into your sound card.

O Tuner

This program is incredibly simple. It is also a chromatic tuner that will automatically detect the note you are playing. Use your microphone or sound card to use this program. Click the image to download this program or click here.