This is where all guitar resources such as the Online Metronome and the Guitar Tuners are located.

Online Metronome

Click the image to go to the Online Metronome. This metronome has 4 different beats you can choose from: Beat 1 - is just a high hat cymbal on every beat without any accents. Beat 2 - has a snare hit on the 4th beat and a kick drum on the 2nd. Beat 3 - has an accent on every 3rd beat. And lastly, Beat 4 is just like the Snare beat but instead of a kick drum and a snare it uses what sounds like stomping feet and hand clapping. The beats per minute can be set from 50 to 250 beats per minute. So go ahead practice a scale or an arpeggio with the help of this Free Online Metronome.

Guitar Tuners

This is where you can download Guitar Tuners. Every guitarist should have a guitar tuner. Here are some programs that will help you tune your guitar. You will need a sound card with a mictrophone to use some of these programs.

Useful Images

This is where Useful Images are stored. It's still under construction at the moment.