Guitar Lesson Videos

Guitar Lesson Videos:

This section is for general guitar lessons. If you are looking to learn specific songs such as the Super Mario Bros video game music or Fur Elise by Beethoven, check out the Tab Videos section. I try to assume you know very little when making these videos so that the people who really do know very little about the guitar do not feel so confused. I'll try to make these videos in a sequential order so that if you watch them in order you should feel like you understand every topic I cover.

How To Read Guitar Tablature

This video is perfect for the beginner. In this video you'll learn the most common guitar tab symbols and what they mean. We'll go over Slides, Hammer-Ons, Pull-Offs, Bends, and Releases. You will learn what symbols represent these words and how to perform the actions those symbols represent. After this video you should be able to jump into one of the simpler tab videos such as the Easy Super Mario Bros Tab or the Easy Fur Elise Tab.

The Major Scale

After you know how to read guitar tab this video can get you started learning a little music theory. This video covers a lot of stuff in a short amount of time. It is mainly about the major scale but the chromatic scale is explained as well. After watching this video you should know:

The Major Scale Modes

This is part two of the Major Scale video. This video covers the 7 modes that are in the Major Scale. Modes are a great way to play the same scale in different locations on the guitar. I also show a few exercises you could practice to help you write guitar solos and riffs.