Looks like there are only two games right now, but I hope to be adding some more soon. If anyone knows of any good musical or guitar themed games I could add to this site let me know. I have the original Super Mario Bros classic nintendo game so if anyone is learning the simple or advanced super mario bros tab I uploaded you can hear the original music. The Sound Memory Game is a nice little game where you try to match similar notes in as few attempts as possible. I hope to add guitar notes into that game some day but this game could possibly help you to recognise notes better when you are playing guitar.

Super Mario Bros Game:

This is the original nintendo game Super Mario Bros. Use the arrow keys to move mario left and right, use the 'Z' and 'X' keys to jump and shoot fire balls. It's a little strange not holding that controler in your hands but you get used it before long. The enter key on your keyboard is the start button. Just click inside the game and hit enter a couple times to start playing. I tabbed out the music to this game, check out my Simplified Super Mario Tab Video and my Advanced Super Mario Bros guitar tab video if you haven't already.

Note Matching Game

This is the Audio Memory Game If you've ever played the card game memory you understand how to play this game. This is pretty much the same thing only you match sounds instead of images. There are 16 different tiles to choose from and there are 8 matching note pairs you must find in as few tries as possible. Once you find all the matching pairs an image is revealed. The notes are all piano notes in the key of C major. I always hear little melodies from popular songs when I'm clicking away at the tiles, it's a lot of fun. You can see your scores from multiple games at the end of each game. I can usually find all the pairs in about 15 tries if I am really trying hard. The best possible score would be 8 tries but that would just be luck since you wouldn't have to do any thinking. If you really think about it at most it could take 4 tries to hear all 8 different notes and still not have a pair. Then, if you had a really good memory, it would take you just 8 more tries to match them all up. So a perfect game would have no more than 12 tries. How many tries does it take you?